Ask us about our English Bridle Leather for your Sap

For the first time outside of the United States, Green Man Leather is proud to make Chas Clements' pattern designed Jack Saps!

We use only the strongest leather for our line of Jack Saps from 6 ounce leather up to 9 /10 ounce depending on which Sap. All of our Saps are hand stitched and do take a little time to create for you.  Each Sap is personally made by Stephen our Master Leather Crafter. He ensures nothing but the best quality in these impact weapons. Choose from 12 different designs. Due to customer demand we have redesigned some of our Saps which are filled with 5mm thick steel plating.  Extremely durable and only offered select Saps. Our other Saps are filled with Steel shot offering some flexibility when moving it around.

We always enjoy hearing stories about how our Saps have performed and most importantly kept you Safe. In no way are we in support of violence however we do recognize the importance of protecting yourself. Our Jack Saps empower all who carry them.

All Saps are made to order, hand sewn and dyed in your choice of colour.

Self Defense

A multi-use tool for self defense, this jack sap (also known as black jack) fits into one's hand and offers a swift blow to any assailant. It will not break bones but will offer a deep shock to any part of the body. This small but very effective instrument fits into your pocket.

Jack saps have also been known to be used for:


The jack sap can be used for massage to add weight the hand of the masseur or to give an effective weight to one's own hand. The soft nature of the pouch allows it to adjust to the body's contours, and the burnished finish allows it to move smoothly and without abrasion to sensitive skin.

Body Conditioning

It's well known that soft repetitive shock to bones will make them absorb more calcium, and thus become denser. Many martial art instructors include body conditioning exercises, and the Conditioner Soft Sap is specifically designed for that application.

Add an ornate border on your Sap for an additional $10.00. We'll hand tool a design which will stand out and make your Sap very personalized!