Hugin & Munin (Ravens - Thought & Memory) Belt


Embossed on our English Bridle Leather, Viking artefacts come to live on our belts! With many thanks to Kris Sayer of for creating these Norse-mythology inspired designs for Green Man Leather. Here is Kris' description on these exclusive belt lines!

Odin, Chief God in Norse mythology and ruler of Asgard has two ravens sitting upon his shoulders. The ravens fly over battlefields and return to Odin to whisper reports on warriors that fall in combat and whether they are suitable to live in Valhalla and feast until the coming of Ragnarok. Odin was revered as the omniscient God of Wisdom while the wise ravens were known as symbols of Odin. Ravens are popular images seen throughout Viking and other artefacts. Indeed, if you travel to the famous place of pilgrimage Einsiedeln, Switzerland to adore the "Black Madonna" in her marble shrine, you will discover two ravens as heraldic emblems of the Einsiedeln Monastery.

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